The Descendants of Philip D Crume

This report outlines my information on the family of Philip CRUME (1724-1801) of Virginia and Kentucky and his wives Sarah WITHERS and Anna BARRETT. Surnames include BIRKHEAD, BURKHEAD, DEEM, KERCHIVAL, KLINGLESMITH, LUCAS, MARKS and SCIFRES. Descendants lived in Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere. Also, see my research on the Crume and Coger families in Pennsylvania and Virginia and the descendants of Henry Crum died 1767).

In January 1995, I wrote a history of the three earliest known generations of the Crume family. New

John Croom's Web site brings together extensive information on the history of the Croom family originating in North Carolina and Virginia. Y-DNA tests indicate the Croom and Crume families are related.

Y-DNA tests indicate the Croom, Crume, Groom, Gaunt, Gant and Gantt families are related. See Y-DNA Matches: Croom / Crume / Groom and Gaunt / Gant.

See my Crume family photo album on the FamilySearch Family Tree.

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